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Circle T Arena 

4007 West Hwy 36

Hamilton, TX 76531


  • Lead Lines are ALLOWED in our 8 & Under class this year            


  • NO refunds unless a letter from your veterinarian or doctor is received by                                                 

  • WPRA Dress code REQUIRED for all riders! Long sleeve shirt with a collar and button, snaps or full length zipper down the front of the shirt / jeans without holes, western boots and a western hat (helmets are acceptable)                                   

  • $50 returned check fee, check must be cleared within 15 days; WUAC reserves the right to refuse check acceptance from contestants with prior returned checks.                                                        

  • A NO TIME will be given for circling in the alley way, a broken pattern, knocking a barrel down, or running out of order.                                                      

  • Once the draw has been posted, no changes will be made.                              

  • Proof of negative coggins required for the weekend.  


  • BOOKS CLOSE @                                                             

  • Pre entries REQUIRED to avoid the late fee. They must be post marked                                                                 

  • Expos and riding slots will be sold on-line as well as on-site except for the last page. LAST PAGE is sold on-site ONLY...   

  • PRE DRAW will be posted                                                           

  • LATE DRAW will be posted at the latest during the big drag after runner 100                                 

  • Friday night 2D Rodeo Run, full second split with NO limit on the amount of runners or horses entered by one runner - Progressive payout with $1500 Added *this class is NOT WPRA approved*                                                            

  • Saturday & Sunday 5D Open, 1/2 second splits, EQUAL payout, 80% of entry fee paid out along with 100% of added money. WPRA Approved                                                            

  • 8 & Under Youth is a 4D format with whole second splits, EQUAL payout as well  

  • PRIZES given throughout the day!                

  • Stalls and RV Hookups are handled directly through Circle T Arena            Mary: (254)784-9854                                                                

  • PRE ENTRY MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 1157  Shallowater, TX 79363


     * After runner #50 during the big drag, we will have our FAMOUS dog race

     * After runner #100, we will have our Live Auction


     * SILENT auction will be held on Saturday between 10:00am and 4:00pm ONLY!

     We are always looking for items to be in our silent auction, ANYONE can donate an

     item to be in the silent auction!


     * VENDORS will be set up throughout the weekend! If you are interested in a vendor

     space, please reserve a spot by calling the Circle T arena @ (254)386-3559


     * Pinatas for the kids!

     * BEST DRESSED CONTEST for the 8 & Under will be awarded on Saturday! This                      includes both horse & rider combination


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When you go through deep waters I will be with you. 

Isaiah 43:2

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